The Company

The first company in Braszil to obtain
registration in Anvisa for Ozone Therapy

Anvisa Registration
Dr. Edison de Cezar Philippi

Entrepreneur, dreamer and determined

Such was Dr. Edison of Cezar Philippi, creator of Philozon. Cardiologist, scholar of orthomolecular medicine, researcher and born entrepreneur, Dr. Cézar discovered in the ozone a molecule of multiple abilities and with great potential. The first equipment was developed in the mid 90's. After his death in 2005, the technology continued to be perfected and today Philozon has a team of experts who follow the international trends in the application of ozone. We love what we do! Our business is the development and application of the ozone technology in different segments.

Philozon is a pioneer in the development of equipment for health and is the first company in Brazil to obtain registration with ANVISA of the ozone generator for dental use. In the industrial segment, a specialized team develops projects and equipment for water, food and effluent treatment.

The company adopts best practices in equipment development and quality management. It has its own laboratory for ozone calibration and a highly specialized team, making Philozon a company capable of offering equipment that meets the safety and efficacy requirements demanded by the market.


Provide customers with the best technical solution for the necessity.

Ethics and Respect

To act honestly with clients and employees in an environment of legality, partnership, respect for differences, hope, cooperation, justice, and the search for the common good.


To promote solutions focused on the preservation of the environment and sustainable development, considering that our natural resources are finite, we should not harm future generations.

Transparency and focus on the customer

To act with transparency in the relation to the interested parties, honoring the commitments assumed.


Offering secure equipment, striving to offer maximum security to its users and the company.

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Philozon Ozone Generators

Ozone generating equipment and accessories for human health, veterinary and precision equipment for laboratories and research.

Name origin

Philo Friend, philosophy. One who supports you and with whom you can count on.

Zon Ozone, sustainable technology, clean, leaves no residue in the environment and is used in various treatments and research in the area of health.

Philozon Ozone friendly company, which uses it for human health.

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O3R The Ozone Way

Ozone generators and environmentally appropriate solutions for industrial processes, water treatment and advanced oxidation processes, discoloration, disinfection and detoxification.

Name origin

O Oxygen, but can also be interpreted as center, balance.

O3 Ozone, sustainable technology, clean, leaves no residue in the environment.

3R Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, are the Rs of sustainability.